Akin to the "Mission Impossible" type of program opening, "For Spy's Only ..." begins aboard a luxury megayacht  where the show's dealer/host receives a top secret message that the Lighthouse Navy needs help!

The host/dealer relays the help message to 6 celebrity "SPY" characters.  Each receives their message in some different/unusual manner that best suits their portrayed spy-character.  The message is an invitation to meet at a designated time and date and participate in a $1,000,000 "For Spys Only" Celebrity Poker Challenge!

After receiving their "invitation,"  player invitees are observed departing for and arriving at the designated location.  Arrival is also in a manner befitting their spy role character personality.

Upon arrival,  an event-supportive "For Spy's Only" charity fundraising "Casino Night" is already in progress.   Once seated, the event becomes an unscripted, "live" (video taped) poker game.

Each player starts with $150,000 in "chip money" provided by individual philanthropists or corporate sponsors.  Edited for time, the show ends with a single "winner" 

Show closes with a surprise  mystery "SPY" celebrity receiving a message from the dealer/host indicating the "mission" was accomplished as planned.  The dealer/host smiles when the return message  suggests preparedness "For Spy's Only 2" (or maybe each year, the participant theme changes, e.g., action heroes ... law enforcement ... military ... western ... talk show hosts ... etc.)
Celebrity Poker Challenge! tm